Friday, November 4, 2011

This is what I believe...

I believe in a god with no capital letter
I believe Love should have a capital letter
I believe that church should cater for poor people
I believe that those who work for churches should have less money and assets than those whom they serve
I believe that Jesus was a revolutionary, feminist and a peace activist
I don’t believe Jesus was a musician or a business man
I don’t believe churches should profit from faith
I believe in criticising a religious system that reflects the disparity of wealth prevalent in the world today.
I believe faith should be debated
I believe that if you have a faith, and want others to believe that faith, then the example of your life should be enough and no microphone should be needed
I believe in a “god” that created this amazing planet
I believe in urban graffiti art
I believe in the pentatonic scale
I believe in being a good person and enjoying every living moment, now, rather than being concerned about some ethereal after life
I believe in Buffy
I believe that a book and a Rock’n’Roll song can change the world
I believe there should be more romance in the world
I believe that Love shouldn’t be clarified by a written document
I believe that homosexuality is NOT a sin
I believe in sentences that sing off the page and into my heart

I believe what I believe so if it’s different to what you believe – stress less, I’m sure we’re both right.

The end